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About Us

Our story started in 2018. My hay fever was troubling me again.

I knew there must be something that could help. I have tried so many different things to alleviate my hay fever symptoms: tablets, drops, sprays etc. My hayfever typically starts in January when the hazelnut trees begin to bloom, and continues until October. I have allergies to various pollens and grass.


One day, when listening the radio, I heard a report on the benefits of Omega-3 and Omega-6 and how fatty acids are very healthy and are absorbed through food or dietary supplements. I reacted and implemented this mindset immediately as I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle and be a good role model for my children. I bought a bottle of black cumin oil, camelina oil and hemp oil in the health food store.

After a while I thought to myself that I could definitely produce these oils myself. I invested in a spindel screw press small machine and the pressing began.


It was clear to me from the beginning it was not just the product that was important, but also the correct pressing processes as well as the quality of the seeds. I researched extensively and in November 2018, I decided to found my own company to operate the everything professionally and help other people lead a healthier diet and lifestyle.

I have committed to perfecting the oil pressing process using the highest quality seeds. It took many months before I found our seeds. What good is the best pressing process if the seeds are inferior or what good is the best seed if the correct pressing process is not followed?

We are proud to say our seeds come from demonstrably ecological cultivation and are pressed into a high-quality oil using a very gentle pressing process. All of our oils have been checked and certified by Eurofins.

Please contact me with your questions or suggestions via Whatsapp or email.

When asked why we do all of this, there is only one answer: to show our three boys that a healthy life is essential and everyone can play their part!

Best regards,

your PAMATH team

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